Preparing for Delivery

Through good education during pregnancy, pregnant women learn what happens before, during and after birth, especially when preparing for a normal delivery. Women also get more savvy through acquaintance with techniques for controlling the body during labor. For instance, when pain occurs, she will not tense up and wait helplessly, but she will rather try to relax and keep her cool as a mother-to-be who already knows what to expect.

Again, depending on the intensity or duration of the contraction, she will use specific breathing techniques with each contraction to keep oxygen levels under control. She will know what to do with each contraction, so she will feel less pain because her brain is occupied with managing the contractions.

An informed woman will be able to distinguish between the beginning, the harshest moment, and the end of the pain and know how to rest properly and relax her muscles in the interim between the two pain episodes which, in turn, will keep her conscious during the birth, making her remain strong and energetic. And the spouse, who will be with her during the entire process, will not be feeling helpless or agitated; but rather keep his calm to be there for her.

For a pregnant woman trained to handle matters professionally, pain is not the beginning of fear and despair, but the first stop towards a happy ending. Knowledge, self-confidence, relaxation, breathing techniques and the art of maintaining her energy give pregnant women the opportunity to consciously participate in birth, feel part of the team and not only enjoy motherhood in a happy ending story, but also savor the success of playing an active role in such a crucial event. The spouse too will be experiencing the same sensations and emotions.