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Welcome to our Baby Care Page! About caring for your newborn baby You can start reading all the information about the topics you are curious about.

Confy | Breastfeeding


Now that your baby is here, your mothering duties get more concrete and diverse. The most...

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Confy | Potty Training

Potty Training

The right age for toilet training is when the child is ready. Experts say that the best t...

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Confy | Changing Your Baby's Diaper

Changing Your Baby's Diaper

You will be changing the baby's diaper very often in the first few weeks, and you need to...

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Confy | Relieving Your Baby's Gas

Relieving Your Baby's Gas

It is natural for babies to swallow air when drinking milk. The baby can get rid of the f...

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Confy | Baby Diapers and Rashes

Baby Diapers and Rashes

Factors such as diet, prolonged contact of baby skin with urine and feces, not changing t...

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Confy | Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep

For babies, sleep is of great importance in terms of both their physical and psychologica...

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Confy | Cleaning Your Baby

Cleaning Your Baby

When the baby is born, you may have concerns about how to clean and care for them; there ...

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