CONFY, which has accomplished to become one of the giant brands in the Baby Diaper sector which is growing even more every year, reflects its mission from its leadership in the Middle East market to our country. While contributing to the national economy, it offers effective and fast alternatives. CONFY, which is one of the most valuable brands of Altunkaya Group of Companies, which is based in Gaziantep and one of the biggest exporters of our country, offers its power to serve the world with its products produced in world quality and 100% domestic production in its modern facilities, professional engineers and technical equipment. CONFY, which has the largest diaper production facilities surrounded by technology in our country, is moving forward with the steps of becoming a global brand that can compete with world brands with its 30 years of experience. It does not compromise the brand quality that its products are consumed happily in 40 countries and increases with each passing day its sales and market share in the markets it operates.
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