The Confy Newborn series is designed for your newborn baby. It takes care of the sensitive skin of newborn babies and contributes to the comfort of your babies.
After a few months of newborn period, the Confy Mini period produced for your babies has started. Now that your baby is growing fast, Confy meets all your baby's needs.
When your baby is about 5-6 months old, it becomes more active and needs change. Confy Midi is designed to meet these needs and gives your baby infinite freedom.
For your rapidly developing baby, you can now switch to the most appropriate size, Confy Maxi. Your baby is happier getting started taking the first steps.
Confy Junior, which provides long-lasting dryness even in the most active times of babies, offers cheerful times for parents and babies.
When your baby starts to move a lot more in these months, Confy Extra Large helps your babies to walk around and move freely with the flexible sideband that is suitable for your baby.