How Do We Know the Baby is Sick

There is no need to panic when a healthy baby gets sick. But it's important that you know when to go to a doctor. According to the news at Mayo Clinic, every parent wants his baby to be healthy, but occasional infections and fever are inevitable. Here are the symptoms that indicate when you need to go to a doctor or to contact the emergency department when your baby gets sick:

When should you call your baby's doctor?
  • Changes in appetite. If your baby has refused food several times,
  • Change in mental state: If your baby has drowsiness or if you have difficulty in waking him up,
  • If there is a sudden reddening in your baby's belly button or genitals, or there is a discharge or bleeding,
  • Fever. Moderate fever usually does not pose a danger. But, keep an eye on the thermometer. If your baby is less than 3 months of age, call your doctor over each fever. If he is 3 months old or older, try to lower if the temperature measured from the mouth is less than 38.9. If this is higher than that, give a fever reducer that contains "acetaminophen" and call the doctor immediately if the fever is not falling.
  • - Diarrhea. If your baby's stool is watery or infantile sparse
  • Vomiting: Occasional vomiting is normal. However, if he vomits frequently and much, vomiting powerfully immediately after eating,
  • Dehydration: Call your doctor if your baby has not wet the diaper for 6 hours or more. If he cries without tears, his mouth is dry without saliva,
  • Constipation: If your child's bowel movements occur every few days,
  • Common cold: If he has a common cold that lasts for more than 2 weeks and makes it difficult to breathe and it is accompanied by coughing,
  • Ear problems: If your baby is not responding to normal sounds or if fluid is flowing through his ear,
  • Rash: If rash covers a large area, appears to be infected, or rash develops suddenly in your baby, and he also has fever,
  • Eye discharge: If one or both eyes are pink or red, or there is a discharge, you should call his doctor.