Diaper and Diaper Rash Problem

What are the causes of diaper rash?

1. Lack of hygiene – leaving the wet or dirty diaper on too long, using diapers of poor quality, long exposure of the skin to irritants. Therefore, it is highly important to use quality diapers with high absorption capacity.

2. Soft stools – babies who pass soft stools tend to experience more frequent and severe rashes.

3. Lack of cleaning – continued discomfort on the skin due to urine and stool residuals.

4. Using harsh and irritant soaps, not rinsing the skin well enough after using soap.

5. Teethe – during this period, the baby will have fevers. Fevers may cause sleep disorders, lack of appetite and changes in bowel movements.

6. Shifting from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding – stool structure, its acidity and bacteria content changes. Bacteria which dissolve urine reproduce more easily in alkali environment. The stool of babies which are bottle-fed contain more bacteria compared to babies who are breastfed.

7. Starting to consume solid foods – the amount of bowel movements change.

8. Diseases (for example, inflammation of mouth, bronchia, middle ear, kidneys and digestive system) – body temperature of the baby rises and its immune system weakens.

9. . Antibiotic treatment – since antibiotics damage the bacteria flora in an organism, it makes it easier for the fungal diseases to develop.

10. The skin tends to develop rashes in environments with higher temperature.

How to protect the baby from diaper rash?

No matter how sensitive the skin of your baby is, it still has a natural protection system that fights against infections. Your duty is to perform the required skincare. For a healthy skin development for your baby: ;

Make sure that the diaper you use is dry at all times. If it is wet, change it immediately. Use diapers which absorb and entrap the urine quickly, because it is highly possible that the skin which is exposed to urine and which is wet for too long will develop rashes. As soon as you see rashes on the diaper area, rinse the area using warm water and gently pat it dry. Later, generously apply ointments containing zinc oxide. Thus, you can prevent the urine from irritating the skin. Change the diaper of your baby more frequently. Wash the diaper area clean every two or three hours and after every time your baby poops. Do not use talc powder since it will irritate the skin when it is wet. The talc powder will get stiffened in time and irritate the skin.