Being a Parent

The most accurate pregnancy is a planned pregnancy. The desired pregnancy brings with her loving parents. You and your partner will want to bring to the world the baby as healthy as possible, and to train her as a happy, self-confident, healthy individual. Your baby's genetic characteristics are taken from you. The genetic structure of the mother and father is of great importance for the child's future life. Preparing for pregnancy at least 3 months before pregnancy, both will reduce pregnancy complications that will emerge during pregnancy and a solid foundation for your baby's health would have been laid. It is important for the mother to have a health check before she becomes pregnant in terms of having a trouble-free pregnancy. The mother must have the ideal body weight and fill the vitamin and mineral reservoirs. Studies conducted show that father's nutrition affects the health of the baby by affecting sperm quality. In order to have a healthy baby, at least 3 months before the start of the pregnancy, parents should have their blood tested and vitamins and minerals support should be started. If the mother has incomplete vaccines (measles, hepatitis b), they should be done and dental problems, if any, should be resolved. Smoking, alcohol and unconscious drug use should be left by both mother and father. Mother and father candidates to be healthy, in ideal body weight, free from high blood sugar or high cholesterol etc. health problems, quitted smoking and alcohol consumption, and to step into the pregnancy process after a pregnancy program to be supported by sports and diet program is very important for the health of the baby to be born.

Pre-Pregnancy Examination: The blood group has to be determined. The evaluation of especially the uterus and the cervix with gynecological examination is necessary. Checking with PAP Smear test must definitely be done for cervical cancer. Urinary tract infections, if any, should be identified with urine examination, and treated. If it is suffered disorders such as rubella, jaundice, toxoplasmosis and so on during pregnancy, the immune status against infections that may lead to abnormalities in the baby should be determined. If necessary, the vaccines must be done before pregnancy. If blood pressure is found high in the evaluation of blood pressure, necessary precautions should be taken before pregnancy. Problems associated with the function of the thyroid gland prevent pregnancy from being achieved and proceeded healthfully. When the disorders of the thyroid gland are treated, it is possible to have a healthy baby.